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Q: What exactly does an AV movie director do?

A:I write scripts,select actors,direct ,and edit.

Q: So how often do you shoot movies? Is it hard work?

A: I am shooting videos 3-4 titles in a month.

Q: What type of AV do you prefer to make? SM or some other type?

A: I prefer shooting of nonprofessional girls to shooting of professional girls like AI IIJIMA,you know? Especially I like to shoot big-busty girls.

Q: But do you think they are hard to direct?

A: No,at all. It's very easy to shoot. Because professional-girls are the same with amateur.
They cannot act,and do not real-sex(it's only fake). they have many controls.
Professional-girls Belong to big production. Non-professional girls belong to minor production. Big production has big influence, and I must be following in accordance with their instructions.
They usually say " real sex is NG" So I must shoot fake sex. But in case of Non-professional girls, I can shoot real sex.
Non-professional girls don't have controls. So I prefer shooting Non-professional girls.

Q: How did you find someone to distribute your movies?
Do you belong to some big AV movie house?

A: Yes,that's right. I own half of sale right(can you understand?), and the company owns half.

Q: Are big busty Japanese women difficult to find? And how do you find your female actresses? Do you find them on the train? :) Or do they come to your office and ask for a job in AV?

A: Yes,It's very difficult to find! Big-busty girls are very few in Japan.

Q: I'm looking for their photographs on night-custom magazine(can you understand?) everyday. And I'll go to the shop for persuade her.

A: Night-custom means a profession of entertainment. It contains a prostitute.

All the answers were made by Akira Takatsuki and DJ Murata.