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Q: What exactly does an AV movie director do?

A: I write scripts,select actors,direct ,and edit.

Q: I have heard that the display of the penis, in videos or magazines, is illegal in Japan. Why is it illegal and what is the punishment for it?
A: Why.....ummm. I don't know. They think it obscene. The punishment for it is only a penalty and a news item of the media.

Q: In the USA, pornography is discouraged by the general public, and yet it flourishes. What is the attitude towards pornography in Japan?

A: It flourishes in Japan,too. It seems like "little show business". Maybe it is accepted to public more than U.S, I think.

Q: What is considered pornography in Japan? Is it very different from what is considered pornography in the USA and Europe?

A: Ummmm.....difficult to say in English. In Japan ordinary people (house-wife, college students, working-girl...) come to our business. They say" I want to perform in video" It becomes much people compare with 4 or 5 years before.

All the answers were made by Akira Takatsuki and DJ Murata.